Abell Elevator International – Our History

Providing safe and reliable elevator service since 1910.

About Us

Abell Elevator International was established to install, maintain, and upgrade residential and commercial elevator systems with an unmatched dedication to safety and quality.

From our humble beginnings in 1910, we have proudly grown to become an industry leader in all types of vertical transportation, with extensive expertise in all aspects of elevator service.

At Abell, our managers and field supervisors are QEI (Qualified Elevator Inspectors) and CET (Certified Elevator Technicians) certified through the NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors.) All field personnel are CET certified or enrolled in the certification program. Additionally, we proactively receive ongoing training and updates to existing certifications to maintain current best practices in elevator maintenance and safety.

Additionally, our representatives actively serve on the board of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) A17.1 Codes and Standards committee, the Maintenance committee, the Existing Installation committee, and the Inspectors committee.

Over the years, we have established flexible maintenance control programs to adapt to the specific parameters of any building, project, and budget. This allows us to service your needs in a variety of ways.

For more than 100 years, we’ve continued to meet the demands of every customer in every type of building, and we look forward to providing you with a safe and reliable elevator operation.

Our Service Areas: Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Abell Elevator International
1256 Logan Street
Louisville, KY 40204-2484
Phone: 502.634.3350 or 866.670.3251
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Generosity Court, Suite 106
Garner, NC 27529
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Seagle St, Unit 19
Huntersville, NC 28078
Phone: 704.727.5519

Email: info@abellinternational.com