Abell Elevator International is in the business of maintaining, installing, repairing and upgrading elevators wheelchair lifts, and other types of vertical transportation.

Based in Louisville, KY and performing work nationwide. We have extensive experience as it relates to elevator maintenance, repair, modernizations, and installations.

Commercial & Residential

Elevator Maintenance & Repair

There's no surer way to extend your elevators use and prevent costly problems than with regular and systematic maintenance visits.

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Elevator Modernization

Abell Elevator specializes in modernizations.

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Elevator Installation

We specialize in furnishing and installing traction and hydraulic elevators including holeless and in-ground hydraulic elevators as well as traditional overhead traction elevators.

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Parts & Equipment Suppliers

Identical OEM parts are available for all manufacturer's equipment through the following suppliers

SEES - Armor, Dover, Haughton, Kone, Montgomery,  Payne, O. Thompson, U.S
DRAKA - Elevator Products
Vertical Express: Dover, Thyssen Krupp
Adams Elevator Equipment- Schindler, Westinghouse

Mailing Address:

1256 Logan Street
Louisville, KY 40204-2484


Phone: 502.634.3350

Fax: 502.636.9291

Email: info@abellinternational.com